Does The Tesla Model 3 Have Its Cons?

Tesla is the first car maker to incorporate autonomic driving into its cars. The German car maker is planning to launch Model 3 soon, but as of now, it still needs modification and improvement. Critics are waiting for flaws of Model 3 to unveil, but the automaker is certain that the EV will be flawless.

Before Model 3's introduction to the public, Tesla has posted pictures of the EV on its headquarters. It was a sight to see because the car maker does not want to show its latest car, yet.

The Cons Of Tesla Model 3

In Germany, Tesla's autonomous cars are dubbed hazardous and dangerous. Now, others are asking if its Model 3 has its ugly side because of many criticisms received by the company's self-driving cars.

Former Tesla Vice President Cristiano Carlutti said that Model 3 has no negative aspects even if many are wondering what can go wrong. As far as the car maker's concern, a lot of developments can still be implemented before the launching of the latest EV. The German car maker's strategy for now is to focus on marketing.

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk was knowledgeable that the company needs funding in order to make the company into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Musk needs to improve and to think new ideas in order to keep the investors happier than its customers, according to Forbes.

Tesla is maybe taking a risk on selling Model 3 but on the other side, the EV may help the company to earn profits. Though they have to prove that Carlutti's statement is right and that the EV has no cons.

Why Will Consumer Choose Model 3?

Since electric vehicles have been introduced by several automakers, the numbers of consumers who are choosing EV over fuel-powered cars are increasing. Even the CEO of Chargepoint Pasquale Romano believes that people are buying EV, according to The Street.

"I think you saw what happened when Tesla introduced the 200-mile range car that was attractive, that had a $35,000 price point. You got 400,000 pre-orders. There's only 513,000 cars on U.S. and Canada roads right now that drive all on electricity," Romano said. 

Of course, consumers are thinking wisely before shifting into EV because some of the cars that are powered electricity are expensive. The Tesla Model 3, in particular, comes with a price tag of $35,000.

Obviously, Tesla is very positive that Model 3 will bring a lot of consumers and will give a boost on its sales. Good thing that nowadays people are switching into environment friendly products.

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