FedEx, UPS Refuse Service To Recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the worldwide trending news with its recall of sold units and the eventual halting of sales permanently. To add insult to injury, two of the country's largest shipping company are reportedly refusing to carry customer's recalled Note 7 units.

The Reason For The Refusal

According to Business Insider, FedEx Corp. and United Parcel Services Inc. (UPS) refuse to handle shipments of recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units, fearing that the device might explode. This news is another blow to Samsung's efforts to rebuild its image through active recalling of units and offering incentives to customers who purchased the infamous product.

Ground Shipments Still Allowed, With Condition

However, FedEx and UPS do not disallow the shipment in all of its service. According to the FedEx spokesperson, they allow ground shipments of the recalled units provided that the units are sealed in a special box that are designed to handle shipments of volatile lithium-ion batteries. They also only accept units from retail stores only and not private individuals.

Total Shipment Ban in the UK

In a similar report from Bloomberg, the move resulted from U.K.'s Royal Mail decision to ban shipments of Note 7 in all their services. The shipping company is even scrutinizing mails sent by customers by asking them to list items inside to avoid defective Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units to get through.

Samsung's Actions To Help Customers

For the U.S., Samsung is giving customer's specialized boxes to place their Note 7 when returning. They also advise Note 7 owners to return said units in retail stores to avoid the hassle of individual mailings. In the U.K. where a total ban was imposed, Samsung is reportedly in talks with U.K. Mail Group to take over the shipping process through home collections. This however is limited to those who bought the device in U.K. from Samsung's official online store.

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