Chanel And LeeRoy Photo Shoot: Dogs Showing Off Baby Bump

Maternity Photo Shoot has been a normal part of celebrating motherhood . It motivates future moms to be prepared in the upcoming season of their lives. It is never an unusual thing for women to have maternity photo shoot because it has been a typical procedure for moms to undergo.

But here’s the catch, Chanel and LeeRoy, dogs and an upcoming parent, underwent a photo shoot. According to Mashable, the two met each other through a friend of LeeRoy’s owner, Amy Rients.

"Our dogs kind of got match made by our dog groomer,"

"She's actually my very best friend, and she knew we were kind of, not looking actively, but we had not neutered our dog just in case we wanted to breed him. When she ran across Chanel, she gave [Sorensen] our phone number."

ABC 11 reiterated the joy that the photo shoot brought in the social media world. Chanel, the female dog, showed her puppy-bump in the shoot and the pregnancy glow was really evident.

Kennedy Sorensen, the owner of Chanel, is also happy with the outcome of the photo session:

"It was so much fun and we are all amazed with how popular this has become. Amy and I are so happy that our dogs were able to make people smile and that people are enjoying the pictures just as much as we are." She stated.

The finished product of the photo shoot became viral in the Internet and gained more than 37,000 likes and 22,000 retweets in Twitter.

Chanel should have given birth by now and people from across the globe are expecting that the new parent will be having their own photoshoot together with their newborn puppies. Sorensen confirmed that Chanel is already in good condition and seems to be a lot prepared to become a mother.

Here's a picture of the photoshoot:

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