Brangelina Divorce Update: Brad Pitt Became Too Emotional When He Saw His Kids

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seems to be taking things one step at a time. Moving out and the entire custody battles are putting a toll on both parties. It must have been real hard for Brangelina but what made the ordeal more difficult is how this has affected their six kids whom they both raised together.

According to Hall Of Fame Magazine, weeks after the divorce announcement, the World War Z actor finally had a chance to meet his kids through a meeting. The kids, as they were described, were very emotional during that time.

Recent reports told that the meeting between Brad Pitt and the kids were controlled under a 90-minute timer. His kids, Zahara and Vivienne, were seen crying the entire time.

International Business Times reported that even Brad Pitt was in tears when he saw his children in a meeting conducted by Department of Children Family Services personnel.

As told by a source:

"Once the kids came in, [Brad Pitt] lit up. He had tears in his eyes and tried to hold it together because he didn't want them to get upset because he was crying. The visit was gut-wrenching: Vivienne, 8, and Zahara, 11, both started crying, asking when they could go home [to Brad's compound in LA's Los Feliz neighbourhood]."

Pitt spent time drawing and playing with the kids during the whole meeting. The kids did not forget to ask the World War Z actor as to when they would go home in Los Angeles in which he answered that it would be happening real soon.

One spectator even cleared out some of the conversations between them:

"Brad told them this situation with the social workers absolutely was not their fault and that no one was in trouble,"

Reports state that the ex-couple was having a thorough discussion with regards to the divorce settlement. Angelina Jolie was reported to have the sole physical custody of their children while Brad Pitt was granted to visit the kids under supervision.

Here's a glimpse of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Kids:

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