#RulesForHalloween Is Trending On Twitter: Here Are Some Of The Reminders

"Trick or Treat" will be heard again from doors to door as soon as November kicks in. Halloween experiences are must-try for everyone in any places around the world.

But a quick reminder for every reader, there are dos and don'ts in celebrating the much awaited season. #RulesForHalloween immediately trended on Twitter and here are the tweets that got numerous tweets and likes from the others:

#RulesForHalloween Don't be cheap and have lots of candy ready for the kids. - @VFalconOfficial

#RulesForHalloween watch thriller every hour - @WhosBad8

#RulesForHalloween: quit telling people they can't wear costumes you find offensive - @YTM1staWu1fy

#RulesForHalloween When they shut their lights off, you just need to bang louder, so that they can wake up and come to the door. - @gigirules7

If you're punched for scaring someone, no apology is necessary. You had it coming. Shake it off. #RulesForHalloween - @DwightTweeker

if you dress up as a clown, i have the complete right to hit you with my baseball bat #RulesForHalloween - @smhokay

#RulesForHalloween 1) Wear a scary costume. 2) Wander the streets after dark. 3) Take candy from strangers. - @NoxVictor

RulesForHalloween 1. Don't go outside 2. Don't ask for candy (It's probably poison) 3. Drop dead 4. Basically it's the Purge. 5. so 6. .. - @Lucindery

The hashtag gain a lot of responses from the Twitter world that it gained a rightful spot in the trending topics in USA. It is indeed one of the much awaited happening in the world.

Aside from the rules, Blog To also gave out Halloween costume ideas for this year. Here are some:

You could acts as the ghost of Pokemon GO, with the fame that the game gained this year, dressing as a pokemon trainer, character or team would surely be a hit.

You could also dress as a Creepy Clown, with clowns wandering around streets and scaring everyone, the costume would surely get attention and would attract creepiness with the people around you.

Lastly, dressing as Barb from Stranger Things would surely be a choice. Short red wig, high waisted jeans and glasses would just be the composition of the costume but wearer would definitely rock the event.

Here are some Halloween life hacks to boost your excitement:

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