World Of Tanks: Blitz 3.2; Features Night Hunt Events For Halloween

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It's officially Halloween season and World of Tanks: Blitz is ready to invite you to a fun and dark event that will surely pump up your energy in this season of trick or treat! World of Tanks Blitz gives each bold participant a chance to choose between the eternal battling forces of Light or Dark and from there, all the fun begins.

World Tanks: Blitz will feature a special Night Hunt Halloween events. The players will pick a side-whether they will choose light and dark will pretty much affect their part in the game. Instead of playing Wonder Woman or the Evil Witch, players get to choose between T6 Dracula Premium Tier VII medium tank or the Helsing H0 Premium Tier VII tank destroyer. According to sources, both forces are "gorgeous-looking" which adds to the dilemma of the players.

The T6 Dracula Premium Tier VII medium tank boasts its ability to revive its tracks in a matter of 2 seconds. The Helsing H0 Premium Tier VII tank destroyer, on the other hand, is equipped with a double-barrelled gun.

The battles will fall upon the lands of a mystical map, specially themed for halloween. The players will earn extra credits and free experience as rewards.

The goal is to complete at least 15 missions. Once the player completes this, he/she will gain rightful ownership of both tanks.

As if though the excitement is not enough, Wargaming announced that World of Tanks: Blitz will also be heading to Steam soon. With this, players will now be able to face their opponents while playing on a PC and mobile. The players can now actually limit their opponents to mobiles and tablets.

World of Tanks: Blitz has recently announced its update this month. World of Tanks: Blitz has updated to 3.2 that features balance improvements as well as an improved Copperfield map.

The Copperfield map remains to be the original map won by the team that managed to implement cooperation and learning thru the game. With the recent update, the Copperfield map now showcases more rooms for exploring. It also allows heavy tanks to duel at closer distances. The medium tanks, on the other hand, will have more space to execute a move.

Aside from the changes in Copperfield map, World of Tanks: Blitz also has new tank adjustments- both nerfs and buffs. This update may look light however according to sources, changes in balance, no matter how light, are important in keeping the game interesting.

Two days Premium access have been given out last October 8 and 9.

Developers have assured its players that the World of Tanks: Blitz will be getting more interesting this Halloween season.

Surely, the latest game updates have better prepared the World of Tanks: Blitz so that fans will enjoy Halloween in a different way.

The Halloween event will start on October 10 to November 7. So gear up, invite families and friends, and prepare for the battle of the season. Halloween will be more than just trick or treat this year!

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