NBA 2k17 Update: College Basketball Teams Ready For Download

NBA 2k17 has so much to give out to every avid basketball player. After an update, yet another update would be revealed to make the game more fun, exciting, and interesting  - just the way gamers would like it to be.

Recent articles have shown a great amount of excitement regarding unlocking something in the NBA2k17, updates about it and everything users should need to know. But here's the catch, NBA 2k17 is not yet finished.

According to Sports Illustrated, if players would really want to play EA Sports' NCAA Basketball series, an upload has made 198 players within a 36 college teams up for grabs in NBA 2K17.

As cited in 247 Sports, user SkillaKillz made an effort to upload an update for the very famous NBA. The update would feature the team complete with its jerseys and stadiums. As an effect, it would replace the 30 NBA Teams with 30 college teams and 6 teams for open spots.

The source reiterated the teams that would be joining the update, here are the full list:

Arizona, California, Cincinnati, Clemson, Dayton, Duke Florida, Florida State, Indiana, Iowa State, Gonzaga, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, N.C. State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Oregon, Purdue, Saint Mary's, Syracuse, Texas, Texas A&M, UCLA, UConn, Vanderbilt, Villanova, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Xavier.

News also spread as to how the update could be get, here's a full detail released by Sports Illustrated:

Step 1: Go to "MyGM/MyLeague"

Step 2: Click on "MyLeague" and press Triangle to pull up Custom Rosters

Step 3: Search username "SkillazKill" or content ID "College Roster 2K17"

Step 4: Go to "Custom League", then "Start in Regular Season"

Step 5: Setup Divisions to look like this:CollegeRosterDivisions.jpg

Step 6: Go to "Setup Options" and put in following:
Season Length: 35 Games (optional)
Quarter Length: 10 minutes (optional)
Simulated Quarter Length: 10 minutes (optional)
Normalize Played to Sim Stats/Minutes: On
Playoff (March Madness)
Rounds: 1 Game Each
League Expansion: On (13 Players) - I put 0 also, it didn't matter
Salary Cap: Off
Hard Cap: Off
Trade Logic: Off
Injuries: Off
Progressive Fatigue: Off
Gameplay Difficulty: Any

Step 7: Press Triangle to "SELECT ALL TEAMS"

Step 8: Advance

Step 9: Download team's design by going to "Team Relocation > Download Team Designs > Search Username "SkillazKill" > Click X > "See Other Designs by Creator" > Download whatever team you're on (for example, 76ers = Miami Hurricanes)

Step 10: Scroll through other teams by flicking the right analog stick right or left

Step 11: Repeat Step 9 and 10 for all teams

Step 12: Turn "Fatigue" Off in Options > Settings

Step 13: Go to "Save As" to save another file, if you'd like to play the season over again. (Optional)

Here's the video uploaded in YouTube regarding the update:

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