Pregnancy Risks: Can Strenuous Exercise Increase Chances Of A Premature Birth?

It is a common human knowledge that physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle is the key to a good overall health condition. However, is it also applicable to pregnant women? Particularly having a strenuous kind of exercise. Can this yield a harmful threat to them? How much exercise should they really have?

In an interview conducted by CBS News, Dr. Gregory Davies of Queens University, Kingston in Ontario, Canada, revealed that all healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies are advised to have regular to almost daily exercise since this is a vital part of a healthy pregnancy.

Moreover, as per Medical News Today, a consensus statement from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been released stating that these strenuous exercises during pregnancy period will not likely result in prolonged labor or even increase the risk of premature birth. The said statement emphasizes the probable impact of having these strenuous exercises for both mother and child before and after birth.

Although before, previous concerns were raised about strenuous exercise during pregnancy including the fear of having a weakened blood supply for the developing fetus which is consequently seen as a threat for miscarriage or that it may alter the number of nutrients the fetus receives, and therefore reducing birth weight.

Similar to previous studies, there are enough evidence that show physical activity during pregnancy doesn't have to do with prolonged labor. Rather, studies elsewhere claim that regular exercise can even shorten it but hasn't been particularly studied in elite athletes.

In summary, there are no evidences that could prove whether strenuous exercises staves off the risk of tissue trauma and muscular tears during delivery.

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