Easy And Cheap Last Minute Video Game Costumes For Halloween

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Alison Carroll, the official Lara Croft model for Tomb Raider: Underworld at Festival du jeu vidéo 2008 (Paris, France). Photo : Georges Seguin

If you like to procrastinate and couldn't care less about society, forcing you to dress up at every Halloween parties, then you'll probably prepare your costume at the last minute. Still, you care about games enough that you want to express yourself by going as a video game character, then here's a list of easy and cheap last-minute video game costumes.

This list doesn't include zombies or packed costumes you can buy from the store but rather a number of costumes you can easily put together in a few minutes. So, here goes:

Sims Character. Either you forgot about Halloween and couldn't see all the decorations around your house or you were just to busy playing Sims. Then this is the perfect costume for you if the party's already starting. Just print out a green plumbob template and stick it to a headband then you're good to go. Speak Simlish the whole night for added effect and do enthusiastic over-the-top gestures.

Nathan Drake. Get your dirty white shirt out and khaki pants, borrow a huge scarf from someone and you're ready. If you want to commit more then wear combat boots, shoulder holsters and a fake gun. Now you can look like Nathan Drake, top it off with dirt on your face and dirt smudges all over you then you're golden.

Splicer - Bioshock. Want to scare people but still you're too lazy to have prepared weeks early, go as a Splicer instead of a zombie. Dress appropriately from the flapper era and a add few tears and blood stains for a detailed effect. Buy an animal mask or you can make your own the bring out your trusty melee weapon - the wrench and you'll be creeping people out in no time.

Lara Croft. You can go as either the classic Lara Croft or the reboot versions. Either way, both are easy to do the last minute. If you like showing more skin, go with the classic versions. If you like the reboot more, put on a higher cut tank top and full length khaki pants.

Pokemon Trainer. The diversity the Pokemon trainer provides you with as much ground to work with as the Sims. Get a cap and slap the Pokemon trainer logo on it with some tape or paper, put on some fingerless gloves or wrist bands, then don your work out clothes. You can also grab your nearest Pokemon plushie for added effect if you don't have a pokeball. If you want a pokeball instead, buy it online or you can make your own.

Ryu. This is pretty much self-explanatory. Just borrow a Karate uniform or Gi from someone who's not gonna use it anymore and rip off the sleeves. If you can't, they're everywhere in the thrift stores. Get some red fingerless gloves with some padding and a red headband which is basically a piece of cloth you can rip off from anywhere.

If you want to know more, we suggest that you watch the video below. And you can also read some of our other list in line with Halloween.

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