PlayStation VR Review: It Isn't VR Compatible 100%?

PlayStation VR headset is said to be a versatile item that would not only be compatible with the PS4 but would also work well with the Xbox One, Wii U and even on a Windows desktop. However, Sony's VR headset is said to work in a limited cinema mode when it is plugged into a valid HDMI input but other reports have claimed otherwise. The PSVR is also said to work well with mobile phones with output adapters.

Playstation VR Display

Previous reports on the PlayStation VR headset compatibility leak on Reddit claimed that connecting the Sony VR headset to a PC will let it end up in a cinematic mode. On the other hand, the VR headset is said to easily display games that run on the Xbox One and Wii U.

Playstation VR Compatibility

Additionally, a test on the Windows desktop showed that the Playstation VR headset was also PC-compatible provided that the headset is plugged into a PC tower. Rumor has it that the device can work on other HDMI sources as well such as cable boxes, Ouya and mobile phones with output adapters.

Furthermore, neither a discernible display latency nor a lag affecting non-PlayStation gameplay on VR headset was noted, ArsTechnica reported. Additionally, the PlayStation VR also included a headphone jack that handled the audio from the external sources. Finally, the HDMI passthrough on the junction box of the PSVR is also said to work well with other sources.

Playstation VR Price

Meanwhile, the PlayStation VR is said to be a budget-friendly option. However, the device is said to produce less crisp graphics than the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. The device may not also correctly seal out light and has a spotty motion controller tracking, Tech Radar reported.

The PlayStation VR headset initially costs $349. Game bundles include a $399 package containing the headset, PS Camera V2, PS VR Worlds and GAMEWare VR Cleaning Kit. Additionally a PSVR Gamers Pack with PSVR Worlds is also available for $499 with a Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 350 VR Gaming Headset. Finally, for an additional $100, the PlayStation Move Controller Twin Pack and the  Batman: Arkham VR, RIGS Mechanized Combat League will be included. Watch video about PlayStation VR Review here:

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