Playstation VR Setup: 3 Video Tutorials Released For October 13 Release; How To Pop The Quick Menu?

The PlayStation VR is set to roll out on Oct.13 and on that note Sony wants users to have the know-how beforehand for setting up the device. Sony recently unveiled three videos that explain what the package includes, how to setup, as well as an introduction to VR gaming. A step-by-step procedure for popping the quick menu for customization is also included here.

Playstation VR Demo Videos

The first video reveals the unboxing of the pack that includes one Processor unit, a PlayStation VR headset, stereo headphones, cables for connection and a Quick Start guide. The second video: "Getting Connected" is a guide for linking the PS VR to an existing PS 4. Finally, the third video shows the first steps into VR gaming.

Playstation VR Playfield Requirements

The PlayStation VR will need at least 6x10 feet of free space for your play area. When trying to exit the play area, a popup warning will ask the user to return to the area. Moreover, the first time the headset is plugged in, a few adjustments may be needed.

Playstation VR Setup

To modify or change the settings, press and hold the PS button on the DualShock 4 to get to the quick menu. Then, tap the Adjust PlayStation VR option to customize the settings. Moreover, PS VR updated the FAQs which now specifically warns against using mirrors that reflect light and bright lights directly from behind the user can interfere with the PS Camera and may block the headset's LED lights tracking.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation VR has been getting more reviews as it is nearing release. Most reviews claim that the device is a solid stab and more affordable. However, some technical issues have been noted citing the PS VR's reliance on ancient Move motion-control tech.

PlayStation VR Vs. PlayStation 4 Pro

The PlayStation VR will roll out ahead of the PlayStation 4 Pro which is expected to be a high-performance version of the original home console. On the other hand, the PlayStation VR is said to represent a completely new way to play games as never experienced before. Additionally, it is reportedly the only full VR system with spatial and motion tracking. Watch video on Playstation VR Demo of Resident Evil here:

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