NBA Trade Rumors: Is A Trade Between Lakers' Devin Booker And Suns' Brandon Ingram Possible?

Los Angeles Lakers is yet in another NBA trade rumor and this time it includes Brandon Ingram for Phoenix Sun's Devin Booker. After Kobe Bryant's decision to retire, Lakers has been doing everything they can to prepare for the upcoming season which could include trading Brooker for Ingram.

Both rumored player are in their rookie contracts which means their salaries may not be too different, making it easier for the teams to have this proposal approved by NBA. NBA follows a set of rules in trading players and that includes a salary cap restrictions where each team is given a limit of the amount of salary it can provide for all their players.

Devin Booker was first introduced as a member of Phoenix Suns Las Vegas Summer League team where he had the most draft pundits and considered to be the year's best shooter in that class. He has an average of 15.3 points with 4.9 rebounds and 1.7 assists in seven games which helped Suns gain a 5-2 record and finish as a runner-up in NBA Summer League 2015. One of his best games was when he scored a total of 31 points against New Orleans in the semifinals.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Lakers' Brandon Ingram has an average of 18.8 points per game with 2.3 assists and 7.8 rebounds out of the 84 games he has played. At 18 years of age, he was already selected by LA Lakers as a second overall pick in the NBA Draft of this year. He is now the second youngest basketball player drafted in 2016. He has been criticized for his inconsistent performance during the summer league but scouts still believe in his potential and tenacity.

However, when assessing the standing of both teams, Lakers may be able to afford to lose Ingram but the addition of another shooting guard is not needed by the team. According to experts, Lakers has a better shot with Lou Williams and Jordan Clarkson to team up with D' Angelo. On the other hand, it looks like the Suns are very happy with Booker but the addition of Ingram will fill their need for a small forward.

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