Top 5 PlayStation VR Games So Far

Sony PlayStation has officially released the first ever console headset VR in the market, the PlayStation VR. Alongside its official debut, Sony has boasted that the PSVR will come with 50+ games in just a couple of months following its launching.

In order to help you decide which game fits for you, we've compiled the top 5 hottest PlayStation VR games for you! So prepare your wallet and get ready for the best immersive gaming experience of your life!


Thumper is enjoying mostly favorable reviews from critics ever since its test release. This game is the modern "music and rhythm game" that follows the same principle as Guitar Hero where you sync your action to the music's beats. Basically, you play as a "futuristic metallic bug" where it moves and morphs depending on the beat's pattern and music.

You can control the bug using DualShock 4 controllers and follow it through the use of PSVR headset. The game becomes harder as you progress through the game, where you'll be facing different obstacles where you have to jump and leap as well as fighting against bosses. The beat also gets faster and faster, making it a lot challenging to precisely sync with your movements. Thumper is arguably one of the hottest PSVR games in the market today.

Tumble VR

Another hot one coming to the PSVR is the Tumble VR. This game is practically the modern brick game, where you have to build and organize every block that is presented to you. The game starts off in a simple tutorial that later on evolves into challenging feats of puzzle building.

The best thing about Tumble VR is that it tests your patience and IQ in building and stacking blocks while preventing it from crumbling down to disarray. If you love to put your brain matter to a test then you'll surely love this game.

Job Simulator

This game was originally launched for HTC Vive but has now arrived to the PlayStation platform. In Job Simulator, you're basically in a job simulator museum where you will choose a job to complete (i.e, paperworks) where robots will then give you varying tasks in order for this job to be successfully completed. The fun part is that, you can mess around and do whatever you want to do in order to complete each tasks. There's also no time limit so basically, you can wreak havoc in an office before you can complete a printing task!

Batman Arkham VR

Batman Arkham VR lets you see through "The Bat's" perspectives while moving across buildings using your grappling hook or throwing your Batarangs to random bad guys. Can a game get any better than this?

If you want to experience wearing that dark cape and kicking the bad guys' butts then you'll definitely love the latest Batman Arkham VR

Resident Evil 7

Let's face it, first-person survival horror games are basically one of the best things that will come to the world of VR. One of the best titles of this genre is Resident Evil and the best part is that, the developers are preparing for its VR support which will come together with its official launching this coming Jan. 24 of next year. Although it'll take some time before you can get your hands on this awesome horror game, it'll definitely be worth the wait as a lot of critics are giving positive reviews for the upcoming rival of Outlast 2.

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