Chrome Update Can Give PCs An Instant Turbo Boost For Free

Google's Chrome browser is regarded as the world's best with its versatile and feature-rich ecosystem. Chrome has plenty of extensions from third-party sites that make browsing very easy. Google's web browser is also user-friendly which makes it a top choice among consumers that frequently visit the web. Chrome's major problem? It hogs a lot of memory that make PCs slow down.

Chrome's Memory Problem

There are plenty of users who simultaneously open multiple tabs when they browse using Chrome. This practice usually leads to Chrome taking a lot of computer memory that should have been used for other services and programs that run within the computer itself. But in the coming months, Google is planning to release an update that will help lessen the RAM consumption on computers.

With the update, Google will be able to give PCs an instant turbo boost for free and reduce the memory footprint the browser eats up for each tab that is open. The company has already tested the Chrome 55 update and showed an impressive reduction in memory consumption by around 35 to 50 percent thanks to an upgraded JavaScript engine.

Google's Solution: Chrome 55

Using the updated Chrome 55, users will be able to keep more tabs open and have multiple apps running in the background without actually affecting the computer's performance. Opening multiple tabs in Chrome has been a usual problem for consumers because it sometimes slows down the performance of PCs. The update is also geared for those who usually open multiple tabs in Chrome and forget to close them for a while.

Chrome rose up to its fame as the world's best browser after Microsoft's Internet Explorer took a plunge in the market share of traffic networks. Still, IE holds the second spot for browsers who holds the most traffic at 41.3 percent. Google Chrome beats IE at 41.6 percent traffic. The rest of the traffic are shared by browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Konqueror.

The Chrome 55 update will be released on Dec. 6 to replace the current public version, Chrome 53.

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