‘Dance Moms’ Season 7 Spoilers: Fans Waiting If JoJo Siwa Would Return To Show

While Abby Lee Dance Company brought newcomer Maesi Caes in “Dance Moms” season 7, JoJo Siwa was reported absent for the fifth time. Fans want to know if JoJo, who has joined Access Hollywood, would still be seen in season 7.

JoJo was rumored to have quit the ALD elite team and she is not participating in season 7 competitions. The surprise turn of events could be the start of the departure of the mother-daughter team of JoJo and Jessalyn from the show, IBT hinted.

In episode 19, head coach Abby Lee Miller assigned the elite team a suicide prevention number. The failure of the solos to deliver in last week’s installment made Miller rely on duets. She teamed JoJo with Kendall Vertes to do a rare ballet number to go against the team of Nia Sioux and Brynn Rumfallo, who were assigned to perform a contemporary routine.

Dance Assignment Tests JoJo Beyond Limits

However, because JoJo and Kendall’s assignment is considered difficult and could test JoJo beyond her limits, she reacts negatively to it. A sneak peek at Tuesday’s installment shows JoJo complaining that she is literally freaking out because she is “not really like the ballet-technique type.”

“My legs and feet, they’re good, but they’re not perfect. Jazz is really my thing,” JoJo pointed out.

A promo video showed Kendall saying, “I can just tell JoJo doesn’t really like this dance,” while JoJo’s upset face is seen. This prompts Jessalyn to tell Abby that JoJo would not compete in the duets.

Kalani Hilliker Replaces JoJo In Duet

Kendall instead completed the duet with Kalani Hilliker. More details on the drama that transpires involving JoJo would be aired by Lifetime on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 9 p.m. in episode 29 of "Dance Moms" season 6, JoJo and Jessalyn have so far not officially confirmed their departure from “Dance Moms.”

Ahead of that, JoJo would appear on Sunday, Oct. 16, at Nickelodeon’s "Ultimate Halloween Haunted House Special."

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