Pokemon Sun And Moon Updates; More Pokemon And Trainers

The release of Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS is near and we all can't wait to explore the region of Alola. Updates for now include new Pokemon including their evolutions and new trainers that we'll encounter in the new Region. So pack up trainers and let's go!

All New Pokemon And Their Amazing Evolutions

Months ago, Pokemon were being revealed in different trailers from The Official Pokemon Channel. One of which is Type: Null. A normal type Pokemon with a huge and heavy mask on its face, which is an equipment designed to control its latent powers. Today they revealed an evolution for Type: Null called Silvally.

The evolution happens when Type: Null gains a partner he can trust, he then proceeds to destroy the restraining device on its head. This means Silvally's speed will have significant increase. Silvally's most unique ability however, is the RKS System Ability - a definite first for any Pokemon - which lets the Pokemon change its own type by holding items that corresponds to the different types of Pokemon. Its move is called the Multi-Attack and will change in type based on Sylvally's type also.

The second Pokemon was Jangmo-o and they revealed two new evolutions for him. The next evolution after Jangmo-o is Hakamo-o and the next one after that is Kommo-o. Both adds the Fighting type to the Pokemon.

Bounsweet has two evolutions too called Steenee and Tsareena. With the third one being most notable, Tsareena has two special amazing abilities. Trop Kick lowers the opponent's attack and Queenly Majesty prevents opponents from using priority moves.

Cutiefly evolves to Ribombee and whether the Pokemon will get a third evolution is still unknown. Grimer and Muk got their Alolan forms revealed, changing the colors from their previously stark purple exterior to a more colorful yet no less contemptible palette.

New Trainers Introduced In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Olivia is the 'Kahuna' of Akala Island, which will be the second island you visit on your island challenge. She specializes in Rock Type Pokemon. A new trial captain called Ilima is also introduced and she specializes in Normal Type Pokemon.

What do you think of the new Pokemon Sun And Moon Update? Are you excited for its release to the Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2016?

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