Pokemon GO Update: Gym Training Upgraded, Catch Bonuses Added

Fans are not that surprised about Niantic releasing its new update on the massive game Pokemon GO. However, fans should take note that the new update doesn't only focus on new features but it fixes the current bug that players reported.

Two notable features have been added on the new update. First, gym training has been upgraded and the difference on the old version is visible on the new one. As announced by Niantic last week, gym battles will have a major change. The new version will allow players to take at least six Pokemon into battle against other Pokemon players in friendly gyms. This will grant players to level up faster than the usual.

Secondly, Niantic finally introduced catch bonuses. What are catch bonuses? How will it affect the game? To put it on perspective, catch bonuses means if you were able to catch a specific Pokemon type continuously in a row, you will earn bonus XP. It works like combo in other games. With plenty of supply of wild Rattatas and Pidgeys, catch bonuses will be easy to achieve.

Egg Incubation is the last major upgrade in the latest update of Pokemon Go. Remember when you have to close and reopen the screen just to check if you were able to cover the distance needed to hatch pokemon eggs? Well the new update eliminates that process as it will periodically update the distance itself while players are enjoying the game.

With these new features already available, Pokemon players will surely enjoy the game more. Not only have they added features, but they also fixed some audio issues, extinguished bugs, and decreased time to watch Pokemon evolve.

Lastly, the update should be accepted by Pokemon GO fans all over the world. Yes, the changes might not have a big impact ,but it is still considered as an upgrade to make the game smoother than ever. Check some of the detailed highlights of the update on one of the gamers' video below:

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