Resident Evil 7 Vol. 1 And 2 Trailers Confirms Important Details About The Game

Everyone's excited for the new upcoming Resident Evil title - Resident Evil 7. The seventh installation of the highly acclaimed Resident Evil series just released two teaser trailers and fans have been sharing theories and speculations accross several social media platforms regarding the new trailers. One of the trailer did however, confirmed a crucial detail regarding the game that fans have been dying to know.

Resident Evil 7 Hints On Returning Characters.

The first teaser titled "Vol. 1: Mysterious Caller" that is roughly 36 seconds long shows the game's protagonist answering a phone. A mysterious female voice could be heard from the other end.

The Resident Evil account posted this video on twitter along with a suspicious message that reads "That voice... who could it be?" This could be a hint that Resident Evil may be having a returning character from the previous Resident Evil games.

Speculations from the internet suspects the voice could belong to Ada Wong, as she have had a reputation for showing up repeatedly in the past previous games. GameSpot however, thinks the voice may belong to none other than Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil 7 Confirms Of Storage Boxes

The second teaser shows the protagonist pulling out one of the weapons available to the players from a big storage box. Fans are happy that the "Vol. 2: Shotgun In The Box" teaser has finally confirmed that Resident Evil 7 will have storage boxes full of weapons, ammo, and other stuff that will help in players' defenses. The teasers have made gamers from around the world get excited for the new seventh Resident Evil installation because of the demo hinting at environmental puzzles and herbs, and along with today's confirmation of weapons and Resident Evil 4 style of item organization.

This just means the game won't be an Outlast or Amnesia clone, as most horror games have gone through that path due to the appeal and much horrific experience of not being able to fight back in the aforementioned games. All Resident Evil fans are relieved to hear that the game will follow the Resident Evil tradition of going in guns blazing. Monsters better stay clear because these people are hungry for a horror game with guns, anyone brave enough to pop out is 'cruising for a bruising.'

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