New SteamVR Controllers Aim For Better Control, Allow Gamers To Open Their Hands

An impressive innovation in a form of Steam's prototype was showcased during the Steam Dev Days held Last Oct. 12 to 13. The idea of this new controller is that players will enjoy virtual reality even if they let go of the controllers for a while. The concept? Well, just strap those darn controllers to the user's hands.

The Steam Dev Days event did not allow the press to be in the venue, however, Twitter has this hashtag called #steamdevdays where all the real time happenings were tweeted in case those who were inside decide to sneak out some juicy information via the social media app. Thanks to ARS Technica's post, we also sifted through the said social media hashtag to learn more about the new VR Controller Prototype from Steam.

What does it look like then?

As stated earlier, its concept is just adding a strap-on to each of the user's hands with the controller on the palm-side. At the top of each controller to be used by the thumbs are Steam's trademark touch pads as opposed to the traditional joystick and d-pad. Also on the circular touchpad's sides, there are around 3 buttons each, located at each side of the circle and at the bottom. Practical uses for these may be special moves, menu shortcuts, pre-programmed gestures; you name it as it presumably can be binded with any commands. At the back of each controller, in point-of-view of the user holding it - of course, are trigger buttons. These triggers are probably used for gripping, holding, pinching, or a traditional trigger for guns. These are one of the tweets sending out pictures and videos of Steam's VR controller prototype that allows your hands to be opened while playing. This means that you will no longer drop that controller in case you got horrified by a monster within the VR game. Here are pictures of it from Twitter:

In case your browser won't load the Twitter post above, below is a YouTube footage of Steam's prototype VR controller that aims for a 'hands-free' VR gaming. As you can see, the user opens his hands and yet the controllers are still intact. This would allow greater interaction in the VR world. Amazing what a simple strap can do for you.

What do you think of this ingenious way of implementing virtual reality controllers? Are you picking up your own VR headset? Tell us about it on the comments section below. 

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