'Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization' : Get To Complete The Game In Under 30 To 40 Hours

Bandai Namco just revealed some amazing updates regarding their upcoming game, “Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization.” Players will be able to complete the game in under 30 to 40 hours, said game producer Yosuke Futami.

Fans has been clamoring for more Sword Art Online games, and this one is definitely worth to watch out for Bandai-Namco has been generous and provided some details about the game’s upcoming feature, game play mechanics and bonus contents.

To start, a new non-playable character (NPC) will be added in the form of a dark elf swordsman, Kizmel. Our heroes will encounter will her in the game act as a special quest NPC. The game will feature an improved game play compared to its predecessor.

Gameplay has been bumped up and players will now experience a more aggressive type of play style with emphasis on strong action elements. Compared to previous Sword Art Online (SAO) titles, the game is being geared to arcade hack-n-slash fans with flashy animations and amazing graphics.

Players will also experience a new kind of battle system called, Sword Skill connect . This system will allow players to perform skills much quicker and can be linked together as long as specific conditions are met. Field Quest has also been added to add extra flair into the game.

Field Quest are broken down into three kinds. Event Fragments, Episode Quest and Evil God. Event fragments allows players to test their combat skills against powerful enemies once it is triggered under a special condition. By completing Event fragments, players are able to unlock the Episode Quest which is are large-scale versions of the Event fragments.

Finally, players will also now encounter Evil God events wherein they will be fighting a dangerous enemy; which will require them to cooperate with other players online. Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is set to be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this November 8 in North America and Europe. Do take note that the game will be digital-only in NA for the PlayStation Vita.

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