Overwatch Player Made Banana Keyboard and Mouse To Control Winston

By K.C , Oct 15, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

The Internet is full of mysteries and spectacles and it seems that one of the people that aspire these conundrums is playing Blizzard's famous first-person shooter, Overwatch.

Rudeism, a popular twitch streamer and famous for his "flightsticks" D.Va controller, has crafted yet another home-made controller and this time, everything is made entirely out of bananas; dedicated solely for the mad genius - Winston. The popular twitch streamer is known for his eccentric ideas when it comes to playing his video games. One in particular is his feat of finishing a boss in Dark Souls 3 using a dance pad. This is not his first attempt in Overwatch though as he's also the man behind the iconic "flightsticks" controllers while playing D.Va.

And now, Rudeism is back - with a lot of bananas! In his latest twitch stream, he is seen playing the Overwatch character Winston while using a dozen of bananas as a controller. The stream lasted for almost three hours where he clearly demonstrated the functions of each banana. The first set of four was used as the WASD keys, the next set of four is for his skills: fire, shield, jump and ultimate. The last set of bananas is then used for mouselook.

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He then explains how the controller works via a post in Reddit. He said: "I'm using a Makey Makey to hook up all these bananas. I attach an earthing cable to myself, and when I touch a banana, it sends a keyboard input to the game via body capacitance. The four leftmost bananas handle WASD, the four rightmost ones handle aiming, and the three in the center are for Q, E and Shift. I ended up having to hardwire left-click so it was always on. I didn't have enough hands to fire as well as aim/move at the same time."

It would seem that his ingenious method has not just caught the attention of the Overwatch community but it also piqued the interest of a producer from Dole, which seems to be curious about his future endeavors. By the looks of it, we might be seeing more from the famous streamer and that's basically good news!

What do you think of his peculiar and unorthodox methods? Leave a comment down below!

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