The Smallest Gun In FPS History Can Be Found In Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is said to be one of the biggest video game releases this year. And only about a week more to go, we can finally get our hands on EA Dice's upcoming first-person shooter. Based on the Battlefield 1 trailers we have seen, it seems it's definitely going to be one heck of an awesome war game. Have you already saved some cash yet?

Battlefield 1 Access Trial

Aside from the many interesting Battlefield 1 details we have heard so far, aside from its intense graphics, are the weapons. At EA's Access Trial, players were able to shuffle through the game's weapons and one weird-in-a-cool-way discovery was about one World War 1 weapon which has taken the gaming community in the internet by storm.

The controversial Battlefield 1 weapon is named "Kolibri". It's actually a German word for "Hummingbird" and it is the world's smallest handgun ever made. In fact, there are only reported 1,000 versions of the pistol produced between 1910 and 1914, which was the beginning of World War 1.

Battlefield 1 Gun - For Ants?

The smallest Battlefield 1 gun has a small bullet (er, obviously) that can move in speeds of 650 feet per second. Though Kolibri may not be the most powerful weapon out there, it can still take down your opponent after shooting (not missing) a couple of bullets into them. While it's still unclear how to unlock the Battlefield 1 smallest pistol, what is weird is how the gun looks so tiny in your hand, like a miniature toy. Anyway, if you are not comfortable in using this pistol while playing the game, there are loads more big guns if you are into those, too.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled for release on Oct.21 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC while those who have purchased the Early Enlister Editions can start firing on Oct. 18.

See how the small the Battlefield 1 pistol is on the video below:

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