‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 361 Updates: Series Not Cancelled; ‘Sailor Moon’ Creator To Replace Yoshihiro Togashi

Fans of the much anticipated "Hunter X Hunter" manga are still desperately waiting for news about the continuation of the series. However, it seems like create Yoshihiro Togashi's health condition still has not improved.

Previously, new writers were hired to continue the work of Yoshihiro Togashi as he acts a consultant for the series to make sure that the story goes as he planned. However, Togashi was not happy with the writers and "Hunter X Hunter" was put on hold. Could it be that his standards are too high for the writers?

Rumor has it that "Sailor Moon" creator Naoko Takeuchi will continue with Yoshihiro Togashi's work. Takeuchi is a well respected and successful manga creator who also happens to be the wife of Togashi.

Her best-known works are "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon" and "Codename: Sailor Moon." She has also received several awards for the manga creation including the 1986 New Artist award and Nakayosahi Comic Prize for Newcomers.

Naoko Takeuchi is probably the best candidate to continue with the work of Yoshihiro Togashi. Rumor has it that there are "Hunter X Hunter" manga chapters wherein Takeuchi sketched the background patterns and illustrations.

If these rumors are true, which a lot of fans are really wishing, "Hunter X Hunter" chapter 361 might soon be released early next year. With a successful franchise like "Sailor Moon" to boost up her resume, fans can now see a ray of hope in the form of Naoko Takeuchi.

Unfortunately, none of these has been confirmed yet. It has been a while since manga publisher Shueisha said something about the franchise. "At this time, it is not certain when we will be able to resume the series," he said.

There are confirmations for the continuation of the "Hunter X Hunter" anime series either. Fans can only wait and see if Naoko Takeuchi will be on board his husband's project.

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