'Hunter X Hunter' Chapter 361 News And Updates: Series Still In Hiatus; Togashi's Wife To Take Over

The hit anime series "Hunter X Hunter" remains to be in hiatus as its creator Yoshihiro Togashi's health condition remains to be the same. However, rumors are rife that his wife might take over the job and finish what he left off.

It can be recalled that "Hunter X Hunter" has been in hiatus multiple times in the past. In fact, the popular manga has been on hold in 2014 and just recently returned April this year. "Hunter X Hunter" Chapter 360 titled "Parasite" was even believed to be the last of the series.

With the current indefinite hiatus going on right now, speculations arise that manga publisher, Shueisha, will be left with no choice but to hire new writers and illustrators to continue the project. In fact, there were reports that they already hired Togashi's replacement but the original creator isn't satisfied with the output, thus putting the series back on hold again.

Togashi's standards might be too high for the writers. Many speculate that it will be a challenge to find a qualified replacement for the creator. However, rumors claim that Togashi's wife, Naoko Takeuchi, will be the one to continue the pending manga series.

Takeuchi is also a known manga artist herself. Her notable works include "Codename: Sailor V" and "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon." Togashi's wife also has numerous awards under her belt including 2nd Nakayosahi Comic Prize for Newcomers for "Yume Ja Nai No Ne" and 1986 New Artist award for "Love Call."

The 49-year-old artist also created the infamous "Sailor Moon," which later on became one of the most popular and successful franchise worldwide. The said series recorded a total of 35 million copies and bagged the Kodansha Manga Award. It was also adapted to animation series locally and internationally.

With the news of Takeuchi taking over Togashi's pending "Hunter X Hunter" Chapter 361, fans can now see a glimmer of hope that the much-awaited series will be coming out soon. However, there has been no confirmation about the said speculations so it's still best to take everything as mere rumors.

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