One Direction Reunion Revealed By Niall Horan

Before being disbanded, One Direction was tagged as one of the most famous performing groups in the world. With fans calling themselves as "Directioners", they indeed proved that they have the skills and a solid fan base to make them popular as they ought to be.

However, the band decided to split and seek their respective passions individually. Fans were deeply saddened about it. But worry no more because Niall Horan stated that there is a reunion of the band in the foreseeable future.

According to Daily News, Niall Horan told that he and his former bandmates wouldn't make their fans wait for a long time form them to have their reunion.

"Can't really put a date on it, but it's not gonna be 50 years away,"

"It's in the foreseeable (future)."

Each and every member of the group pursued different things in the same industry.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Niall Horan had released his very first solo album last September, Zayn Malik was the first to attempt to leave the group and is currently succeeding by releasing his own songs, and the others were busy as well.

Niall Horan stated that:

 "For now, in the moment, we are kinda doing our own thing,"

 "I'm doing this, Harry's doing a movie . Harry did a movie. You know, we're all doing our own bits and pieces. Can't really put a date on it, but it's not gonna be 50 years away. It's in the foreseeable [future]."

Niall Horan, according to a recent article, has been thankful with how people reacted to his release of his own song. The young artist is also scheduled to appear at the Z100's Jingle Ball performance on December 9 in Manhattan.

"Thank you to all the One Direction fans for your love and support as always. I'm looking forward to the next part of this journey together." Horan stated.

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