Gossip Girl Revelation: Blair Waldork And Chuck Bass Shouldn't Be Dating

What did the fans love the most about Gossip Girl? Amazing costumes? Talented and gorgeous young actors and actresses? Or the most anticipated romance story of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf? And the list goes on from there.

Their relationship (Chuck bass and Blair Waldorf) has always been the center of the show especially in the last few seasons; but did you know it wasn't always meant to be? 

Elle reiterated that Gossip Girl co-creator/writer Josh Schwartz spilled the beans about the origin of the Gossip Girl's Couple. "None of that was expected. Chuck came into the show as the villain. But it's one of those great, fun things about making a television series - it's an evolving, living, breathing thing, and things can easily change on a whim," he said.

"You get an actor like Ed Westwick and see the chemistry he had with Leighton Meester, and their scenes just crackled. So it felt like, here are two people who are bonded by their mutual scheming and the dark side of the show, at least from the beginning, and that would naturally evolve into a romantic relationship."

"You could tell from all the sniping and one-liners and humour that a lot of their stories played out with a palpable sense of passion. Chuck was the bad boy who was reformed by Blair. She taught and helped him become a better person. For Blair, who had all of her issues and was so uptight and was always in competition with Serena, you wanted to see her have something on her own that was fulfilling."

According to Teen Vogue, when the writers saw the chemistry between the two (Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf ) they wrote the romance in. They decided that Chuck and Blair would be together forever. Even the Gossip Girl creator was a fan of the couple and said the he would be very happy if Chuck and Blair relationship will be very happy forever.

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