'The Walking Dead' Special Episode Prior To Season 7 Premiere Released: Claims To Be Life-Altering

Just one week away from its highly anticipated season seven premiere, "The Walking Dead" will release a special episode that will fill the hearts of the fans that have been waiting for months now. In addition to that, there have been more updates revealed on the upcoming season.

Two-Hour Special Episode To Be Released Prior To Season 7 Premiere Of "The Walking Dead"

There have been reports claiming that in addition to the most-awaited season seven premiere of "The Walking Dead," the network is going to feature a special episode about the characters. The upcoming episode will tackle the characters' journey from seasons one through six, just before one (or more) of them will be killed in the season seven premiere. This will serve as a tribute or preparation for what is to come when the series returns in a week.

Fans of the series are still guessing up to now as to who will die in the season seven premiere. There have been many who have claimed to have had the answer, but no one will know for sure unless it finally airs. There have been hints here and there but the fans of the series find it so hard to choose from any the characters who is worthy to die in the upcoming season seven of the show.

Norman Reedus AKA Daryl Dixon Teases Big Change When "The Walking Dead" Returns

The actors and the showrunners of the show have claimed that the upcoming season seven premiere of "The Walking Dead" will be life-altering. It will reportedly cause a drastic change in the storyline of the show, since it has been known to create such thrilling deaths and losses throughout the entire series. Actor Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon even dished out a few points about the upcoming premiere.

According to the actor, the upcoming season will be so much darker and heavier compared to the past few seasons. Throughout the course of "The Walking Dead," major and loved characters have already died. However, there is something different in the upcoming season that will shock the audience. Nevertheless, they have assured that whatever happens, the viewers will still want more after the season seven premiere.

"The Walking Dead" season seven will premiere on October 23, Sunday.

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