OnePlus 3S/Plus Rumors: Chinese Manufacturer Assures Fans That One Plus 3 Is Still Very Much Alive, 3S Coming?

Rumors about OnePlus 3 not to being produced have been debunked by the smartphone manufacturer itself. Instead, a device rumored to be the OnePlus 3S is coming, though its release date is still unknown.

According to an article at Trusted Reviews, GizmoChina, which cites and unnamed supply chain source in a news report, said that OnePlus is going to stop production of the OnePlus 3 and is planning to create a more powerful version, the OnePlus 3S or OnePlus 3 Plus. This was allegedly due to OnePlus struggling to get its hands on sufficient quantities of AMOLED display, which is used in the OnePlus 3.

The One Plus 3S is rumored to pack an advanced LCD panel instead. It is also believed that the new version will feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 chip, a newer processor that is 10 percent faster than the older version. The chip is also capable of supporting Google's new Daydream VR platform and the recently appeared inside the Google Pixel smartphones.

In a written interview article at the International Business Times, Carl Pie, co-founder of OnePlus, said, "I think the strategy for us is to focus and then break through. Right now we are still in focus phase. It is like starting a fire. You want a fire to get really, really hot in very small area before you let the flames expand to the forest."

Pie also revealed that the company was able to break even in its first two years at operation, and he believes that the company is on course to turn a profit for the first time in 2016. As a sign of the company's maturity, it has scrapped the "flagship killer" moniker for the OnePlus 3 and has done away with the invite system with Pei saying that the company is confident of the meeting the demand for the new device.

The OnePlus 3S is not going to sell in the numbers of an iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 or Huawei P9, but the company is growing and is showing that their product is sustaining them and is profitable. It will only be a matter of time before OnePlus becomes in league with the big companies.

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