Top 10 Bizarre New Costumes For Halloween 2016

South Koreans Celebrate Halloween
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 31: People dressed in costumes participate in a Halloween festival on October 31, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. Many younger South Koreans enjoy the western traditional celebration on the eve of All Saints' Day. Halloween is the second largest spending holiday in the U.S. next to Christmas. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images) Photo : Chung Sung-Jun / Staff

What makes a good costume this Halloween? Is it the scare factor of the unknown or the eerie artistic flair that turns into a mega fashion event?

Finally, we are only two more weeks away from Halloween. In this article, we will feature you the best Halloween costumes available and will show you as well the top 10 Bizarre costumes ever created . We are not going to limit the criteria on displaying the costumes.

A lot of costumes nowadays are inspired by their favorite show, it might be from the movies, TV series, or even animes. We also notice that year by year we've seen the emergence of political figures as a costume. Recently in one of the respected sites, somebody posted as Simon Biles from the olympics. Creativity is the main key to make your attire so scary. You should also embrace the character you are trying to portray and have the attitude in displaying your wardrobe.

So, without further adieu let's start with the latest and trendiest costumes right now. Followed by our top 10 Bizarre New Costumes.

Suicide Squad Costumes

Eversince the movie made its splash on the silver screen, it also made a mark on marketing. Right now, almost all of the kids and adults alike wants to be the Joker or the sexy and beautiful Harley Quinn. The costume however will depend more on the make up. Let's say for Joker, yes you might have the perfect outfit but if you can't replicate his gesture, then the joke is on you.

Marvel Heroes Led By Deadpool

Deadpool is one of the funniest character in Marvel history. His charismatic persona and the desire to kill is an unusual match but it perfectly fits him. During Halloween you can buy set of Deadpool costumes in a cheap price, unlike Suicide Squad, you don't need makeup for Deadpool since he's covered with mask. Same thing goes to Spiderman, Ironman and Captain America.

Politicians As A Scary Costume

If you aren't scared with the real Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton then I don't know what will. During the campaign of each candidate, we can see a lot of people trying to mock them by wearing a bobblehead or a large mascot of their face. Democrat or not, Republican or not, a large head always scare anybody.

Finally, here are the top 10 bizarre costumes that will scare or annoy you for the Halloween 2016.

1. Pussy Magnet. You read it right, The idea of this costume is to get laid and to have more chick as possible. The design is, there are cat's head glued at the tip of a U magnet. And I'm not sure if the odds will be on his favor.

2. Doo Doo head. Just when you thought that other costumes are crappy, somebody made this. No need to explain the crappiness in this costume.

3. Toilet Mask. Are they really serious or just out of ideas? After Doo Doo head comes a toilet mask?

4. Middle Finger Costume. Because if you can't say the word to them just wear them.

5. Ramen Noodle Costume. This might be an idea of a college student who is currently indulge with ramen noodles as his day to day food.

6. Good Old Dildo. As much as we want to keep the costumes family oriented, as per reports, dildo costumes are on top of the list, and that the reason it made it to number six.

7. Zombie slippers. Why spend on this one when you already have ugly feet?

8. Sailormoon Costume by men. This costume doesn't only scare the hell out of you but destroys your childhood dream in sequence. Whoever invented this costume deserves a special place in hell.

9. Harambe the gorilla. I hope PETA is checking this as some of the costume designers doesn't have heart and likes to shoot at somebody.

10. A naked hillbilly costume. Do i really need to explain myself why it made our list? I got nothing against hillbillies but this is way too far from pushing the envelope.

The list made are composed of ideas from multiple websites and we just ranked them according to how they annoyed us and how bizarre it is to wear during the Halloween. Thank you for you enjoying our list.

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