What If The Elder Scrolls 6 Introduces A Brand New Companion System?

The Elder Scrolls 6 is probably one of the highly anticipated titles from Bethesda. While it's likely to be a hit game in the future, its existence is still far from being a reality. After all, the studio has already iterated its intentions of developing it in the next two or three years. Nevertheless, it's interesting to speculate what features it'll offer. With that being said, it'll possibly stir the interest of many if the upcoming installment is to introduce a brand new Companion system.

If the studio is to apply the same concept of the aforementioned feature in The Elder Scrolls 6, then it's safe to say that the community already knows exactly how it'll work. For instance, over the course of a player's adventure, he's likely to run into other players with different quest lines. Or perhaps, he can recruit one of them and form a group (a Companion in a sense) to go on a journey together.

Through it, The Elder Scrolls 6 fans can come up with a party of sort, with each member offering unique traits and/or temperaments. Heck, with such brand new system, they can even come up with a romance feature of sort. After all, this is what most of Bethesda's games (with Companion system) work.

However, what if the video game company resort to introduce a new one in The Elder Scrolls 6? What if the developers can make the system lean to more than two persons? As what GamingBolt suggests, it might be an interesting to see AI characters join the quest and help players in their journeys. Perhaps, they can be a huge help in discovering more risk-filled dungeons. From that perspective, the game will surely be highly appreciated.

Moreover, Bethesda can look into improving the Companion system in The Elder Scrolls 6 in terms of relationships. That the developers could give the system a more defined structure, making it not too simple and realistic. So yeah, a revamped of this system is definitely worth trying.

What are your thoughts on The Elder Scrolls 6 having a brand new Companion system? Any other suggestion you can think of? Are you also excited for this title? Share us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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