FIFA 17 Guide: 7 Important Tips Before Playing The Journey

FIFA 17's The Journey is the newest and biggest addition to the game this year. It tells the story of Alex Hunter, a young aspiring football player who is following the path of his grandfather and father. The flow of the game is affected by the decision made by the main character in the story. If you haven't played the Journey mode yet, here are 7 important steps to help you get in the right footing at the beginning.

First thing to remember when playing FIFA 17 Journey mode is that money, fans, and manager happiness are interconnected with each other. Cool decisions when dealing with your manager will make him happy while "hot' responses during public broadcasts. Keeping your manager happy will give you more game time in the FA Cup while keeping the fans happy gives you access to various cutscenes and sponsorship deals.

The next most important thing to remember is let your football skills do the talking for you. That means even if you are able to ace your training and match performance, you will keep both your manager and fans happy. Even if you balance your responses, you will have both parties happy if you have a solid performance in training and in the field.

Your FIFA 17 manager's happiness holds more weight than your followers. Tweak your responses to cool so he will give you more opportunities to play. Of course, you will improve your ratings when you play more.

If you want a good FIFA 17 rating, it is best to play as Alex Hunter only in matches rather than playing as a whole team. Focusing on playing Alex only gives you more opportunity to get on the ball which greatly affects the outcome of the game.

Moreover, you can instruct your teammates to do some of the actions for you by 'shouting' commands at them as Alex Hunter. You can do this by simply pressing the button as you normally would when controlling them to command the AI to perform the action.

Another thing, to remember before playing FIFa 17's Journey mode is to use your skill points wisely. The more skill points you earn, the more opportunity you have to unlock some elements in the game. Therefore, you have to always be aware of Alex's play style and position.

The last tip is a bonus. In case you're not aware yet, the in-game camera angle can actually be changed. Just go to "Settings" to tweak it.

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