Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2017 May Not See The Light Of Day

In light with the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7, rumors about the cancellation of the Samsung Galaxy Note series have also circulated. Some might say that canceling the Note series might be "too much" of a step for the company, while others believe that this step is completely called for. A recent news, however, is confident in saying that Samsung is indeed considering the abolishment of their Galaxy Note brand. This means that people who are looking forward to seeing the Galaxy Note 8 might as well end up disappointed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 May Be Cancelled

Because of the Note 7 controversy, Samsung might be ceasing the Note series altogether. GSM Arena says that a certain Russian website has claimed that Samsung is considering letting go of the Note brand. According to the source, Samsung has conducted a survey about this matter and more than half of the surveyed people believe that the Note brand now brings in a negative connotation.

So if the company would take this alleged survey result seriously, then the rumored Galaxy Note 8 will no longer materialize. That is, of course, if Samsung will discontinue their production of phablets altogether. If they would just take this problem as a marketing problem, it's also not impossible for the company to just re-brand the series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8's Fate

Pulling the plug on the Note 7 brings the question of whether or not the Galaxy Note 8 will still be launched. It's undeniable that Samsung's reputation has been somehow affected by this series of events. However, it's still uncertain if they are willing to take a big step and remove the Note brand all-in-all.

The Wall Street Journal has pointed out that the Note 7's recall has given headaches to the phone owners and damage to the phone brand. While this point is undeniably true, Samsung has not confirmed yet whether or not they are willing to drop the Note name once and for all in the hope of removing the controversy from consumers' memories. Fans can just hope that the company would just consider a re-brand instead of a total cancellation of the product.

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