Facebook Messenger's Data Saver Mode Now On Beta Testing

It has been a while since Facebook decided to make its Messenger as a standalone app, meaning it will use up data as well. The social media company, this time, is making ways to lessen the data consumption of the Messaging app by putting a data saver on it. It is not officially released yet for everyone, but it is already in beta testing.

How The Data Saver Mode Works

Data Saver Mode in Facebook Messenger will definitely help users save data by changing how the app downloads media content such as videos and photos. When the feature is turned off, all contents that are being shared in the conversation are being downloaded automatically regardless of the size or whether the users want to see the content or not.This is a nifty feature if turned on, as it will require users to tap the content individually to download and view the shared media, thereby saving excessive consumption of data.

The App Is Not Yet Out For Everyone

It is said that the beta version includes a counter that shows the amount of data saved by the users when the feature is enabled. This counter can also be reset to show the exact data consumption which would be helpful to users who are currently on a monthly data plan.

Data Saver Mode only works when users are using mobile data. If the connection switches to Wi-Fi network, the Facebook Messenger App will automatically go back to its default settings.

Secret Conversation Feature

Recently, Facebook Messenger was also updated and got a new Secret Conversations feature. This new feature allows users to start an end-to-end encrypted conversation with other users. The feature is optional, which allows users to pick friends to start a secret conversation with. Facebook Messenger's Secret conversations can only be read on one device. This means that messages passed through the secret conversation feature on a desktop, will not be synchronized on the user's smartphone app.

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