The iMac 2016 Will Have Exceptional Graphics Performance Thanks To Zen And Intel Processor

According to recent rumors, a release date for the Apple iMac is expected to be in October 2016. Speculated reports are also hinting that the upcoming device will be incorporated with Intel's new upcoming Kaby Lake chipset, along with other specs like VR support and Thunderbolt 3 that would truly revolutionize the all new iMac.

Release date is still up in the air

There will be huge possibilities that the new iMac 2016 will be released in the last week of this month since earlier iMac installments were always released on an October. According to some Apple analysts, the tech giant is going to be launching the iMac at a launch event on October 27th this year. However, some reports also stated that Apple would be releasing the new device at WWDC 2017, an event held on June of next year.

Some rumored specs that would truly get you drooling

But either which release date that the iMac would finally be introduced, it has been confirmed that it will also come with Intel's revolutionary new Kaby Lake chipset, a 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor. With the new processor, the iMac would be given a totally new outlook with many enhanced graphics. The Kaby Lake will definitely give support to the iMac 2016 for USB 3.1, DisplayPort 1.2 and Thunderbolt 3. Additionally, reports have been spreading about Apple confirming that the upcoming iMac 2016 will also feature AMD's Zen processor. With all of these revolutionary enhancements to the iMac, it would just make sense that the upcoming devices will have an exceptionally amazing graphics performance.

Still no announcement from Apple

The iMac 2016 will also be expected to provide PC users with a much-needed VR support and some external flash drives. But despite all of these rumors and speculations, Apple has not given any official statements and comments regarding the probable release date or more accurate information on the specs or features of the upcoming iMac 2016. So with all things said, all remains to be seen.

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