Apple iMac 2016 Vs Microsoft Surface AIO: Which Desktop Is Better?

Apple, in their last event in San Francisco in September, only announced a few product introductions, mainly highlighting the iPhone 7 and a new replacement to their wearables, which turned into a disaster to most developers and designers.

This is just one of those Apple events where Apple fans were eagerly anticipating for the big announcement of the much-awaited iMacs and MacBook Pros, which, yet again, were never announced or even talked about during the entire event.

Latest tidbits on the iMac and MacBook

However, there have been some great news reports about the devices just over a month after the said Apple event. Apple has yet a new competitor for that hardware from their arch-rival, Microsoft.

In some earlier reports and speculations relating towards the iMac and the Macbook, rumors have mentioned about how a Kay-Bee Lake chip, alongside a Nvidia graphics card, would be incorporated in the up and coming iMac 2016 edition.

The iMac is already way up

BestBuy, an electronics e-retailer company, had already included the iMac 2016 on their list of much-awaited hardware that is going to be announced relatively soon, carrying a price tag of about $3200 USD.

There might also be a new 5k display in all the variants, which isn't even that necessary unless you're a YouTuber looking for some extra crispness in your video rendering activities. On the other end of the spectrum, Microsoft is also planning to rival Apple with releasing their latest Surface AIO.

About the Surface AIO

The latest Surface AIO (all-in-one) is also rumored to be powered by an i7 7th Gen Kay-Bee Lake processors. If reports are going to be true, the Surface of Microsoft will actually be focused on audiences for living room usage.

There is rumored to be at least three variants, each in different sizes and colors, with an amazing 5k display resolution. While Microsoft is set to introduce their latest hardware product, there isn't really much of information about it. So everything remains to be seen.


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