Halloween Costume Ideas That Gives A Bang For Your Buck

Hilarity for Charity's 5th Annual Los Angeles Variety Show: Seth Rogen's Halloween
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Costumes are one of the things that people are keen an excited to check out during the spook season. With this, people who would want to participate arebuy rummaging for costumes that would give everyone that goth and creepy look to match the season; or perhaps something pretty or nostalgic to begin with. The choices are endless.

No worries! Here are some of the costume ideas that you should never overlook:

1. Bag of Jelly Beans

As cited in Pop Sugar, this could be the sweetest treat for everyone celebrating Halloween.

Here's how to do it:

With a transparent trash bag, cut a holes suited for your arms and leg to fit through. Print a back of nutritional facts and put it on the back of your costume just like jellybeans' packages. Fill the trash bag with colored balloons that would represent the jellybeans.

2. Pikachu and Ash

With the huge success of the release of Pokemon Go, wearing yellow clothes that resembles Pikachu or a blue jacket just like Ash would be caught a great attention from the crowd.

3. Ghost

With just an unused bed sheet, this could be the easiest and the most affordable costume you could ever have.

Have a white sheet cut into holes that will fit through your eyes. Put make-up on your face to make it more fitting to be a ghost.

4. Carl and Ellie of Up

According to People, if you are big fan of Carl and Ellie, this would be a great costume idea. With all the adventures, that they have encountered, this would make a remarkable entrance once you go the holiday event that you will be going through.

5. Fortune Teller

Imagine roaming around and doing some magic and fortune telling with your friends. Isn't that exciting?

You just need a head scarf, sparkling top, long skirt and gold jewelries to make the costume effective. Create an interactive experience by telling fortunes to your colleague and friend. This would surely put a smile on the face of every person who would meet you.

6. Allie and Noah of The Notebook

Everyone shed a tear in the hit novel written by "Nicholas Sparks" of The Notebook. Help other people reminisce the good old days by portraying Allie and Noah. This wouldn't scare the but would bring the Goosebumps that you've been wanting to see.

7. Mummy

This needs your time and effort but would be a fun one to make. Just put on white clothes and have toilet papers rolled around you to make the costume look perfect. Add ketchups for a gory effect.

8. Circus Performer

Have others think that they are in a circus environment by being a circus performer. Paint your face exaggeratedly with huge eyelashes and strong stage makeup. Wear a headpiece which could be a huge feather attached in a glamorous hat. Remember: Stay classy!

9. Audrey Hepburn

Being Audrey Hepburn would never be a wrong choice. He is a famous character from the classic Breakfast at Tiffany's. Get a black dress and gloves with a tiara, necklace and black heels. Put on a cigarette holder as well.

Here are some you could also look out for:

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