Fun Facts About Lee Min-Ho Fans Didn’t Know

Lee Min-Ho Visiting Taipei
TAIPEI, TAIWAN - SEPTEMBER 11: Korean singer/actor Lee Min-Ho attends a press conference for a commercial event on September 11, 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan. Lee Min-Ho is most well-known for the Korean TV drama 'The Heirs'. Photo : Photo by Ashley Pon/Getty Images

Lee Min-Ho has played various roles in different Korean dramas and films. He has played a hunter, a rich billionaire, and a lover. With that, he has gained the fame and the success in the entertainment industry. The question is: what are the fun facts that avid supporters don't know yet about Lee Min Ho?

Here are some according to sources:

1. He was the first artist to have ever received a massive number of questionnaires in an SNS interview. He gained a staggering 530,000 questions in the said interview. This is the highest gained inquiries ever received on the channel.

2. Lee Min Ho is not comfortable in singing. He would choose things that he is comfortable in doing. He, if given a chance, would choose acting rather than singing. Though, the City Hunter actor sang in different fans meetings just to make them happy. As the actor said, according to Drama Fever:

"I'm not gifted in any way artistically. I have no confidence in anything outside of acting. I'm not the type that easily summons up courage. I want to just do what I'm confident of and good at. I did start singing at my fan meetings because I have many chances to meet my fans but it took me a whole four years to get there. And that is, for me to decide that I should do something for my fans, although I now sing for my fans quite well (laughs). I can't [sing on television] because I know I'm not good enough to (laughs). It's embarrassing."

3. His biggest inspiration is his mom. He did not choose to give up during multiple rejections from different auditions mainly because of his mother. As he stated:

"Back when I was going through tough times and kept getting rejected at auditions, I was able to keep working hard and not fall into despair because of my mother. She always taught me to keep trying."

4. His car accident with friend Jung Il Woo during his 20s gave him a fresher perspective in life and how he dealt with his career. He spent his entire year in the hospital; feeling that he wasted his adulthood because of the accident.

" For many people, the age of 20 is when they first reach adulthood and it's a time full of ideals and dreams,"

. "But when I was 20, a lot of misfortune came along. I spent a year in the hospital and couldn't move, and I was forced to think a lot. The perception I formed at that time became the sustaining foundation for me to continue to quietly persist and never be self-satisfied."

5. In a recent article, the Korean actor stated that he could do anything for love. He is having a romantic relationship with actress Suzy Bae, who is a great actress in South Korea.

"I would run away with her,"

"Even if we had to elope, I would marry her."

Fans from all over the world still have great hopes that they would see more of the actor's versatility and brilliance when it comes to the field that he has chosen.

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