Pokemon Sun And Moon 15-min Demo Leaked; Space Req Reveals It's Bigger Than Previous Demos

Pokemon Sun and Moon leak was reportedly spotted online. The leak was first unveiled on a German YouTube channel with a demo gameplay for the game. The 3.2 GB demo is slated to arrive in the wee hours of the morning on Oct. 18.

The German YouTube channel sports a Nintendo Online mark and featured the 15-minute demo gameplay leak for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The video leak was quickly noticed by the Redditor in /r/ pokemon that quickly pulled it down. However, fans on other channels were already able to share the leak before it was taken away.

The Pokemon Sun and Demo is yet to be released on Oct. 18. Nintendo Europe has not yet revealed the exact time as to which the demo would be available. However, the company gave a vague early morning timeline for the release of the demo.

It should be noted that if the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo is to be launched worldwide, Europe is about 5 to 7 hours ahead of American EDT. On that note, if the demo were to become available in the eShop at 11 a.m., then it would be available by 6 a.m. in East Coast America, 5 a.m. in CDT, 4 a.m. in MDT and 3 a.m. in PDT. The demo is said to be bigger than the 2.1GB Super Smash Bros. demo with 3.2 GB, Serebii reported.

In other news, a Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer had recently been released. The game may include Pokemon Diamond and Pearl which had been released in the U.S. in 2007. However, Gamefreak is yet to confirm this rumor.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is also said to have a 3D remake. Furthermore, the game may also include Distortion World, Stark Mountain, Arceus and Bidoof. A new Pokemon was also introduced via the teaser revealing Sivally, the character analogous to Arceus in "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl" with its multi-attack capability and its ability to change its type based on its attached memory. A synthetic Pokemon, Jangmo-o and Type:Null evolutions are also slated for the game. Watch a video about NEW POKEMON LEAKED BEFORE POKEMON SUN AND MOON DEMO!

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