Suzy Bae’s Performance Made Fans Happy; More Reasons To Love The Korean Actress

By stphntapulao , Oct 18, 2016 04:48 PM EDT

Suzy Bae gave another reason for fans to continually love her. As they went to the MBC Gold Mouse Hall, fans were satisfied with what they saw, besides the beautiful face of Suzy Bae. Suzy Loft, as what they termed the fan meeting, is the first fan meeting of the Korean star on which massive numbers of supporters came to see her in flesh.

According to International Business Times, the singer, who was used of promoting upcoming events, albums, and films, treated the event very differently. Suzy Loft was a great avenue to have a great and intimate bond with the people who helped her get to the top.

The fan meeting includes special performances from Suzy. This includes singing Dream and Skinny Love of Birdy. The night was magical for the fans especially when they heard the captivating voice of the Korean star. Many believed that it was an introduction to the solo debut she will be producing soon.

Suzy Bae, on her side, posted photos of the event in her social media account.

On the other hand, certain speculations spread regarding the pregnancy of the Korean star. Chatt Sports Net stated that this was one of the reasons why Lee Min Ho is speeding up their wedding. Both Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae neither confirm nor deny all the rumors spreading around the online world.

Many are still waiting for any updates regarding their rumored wedding plans. Articles that were written stated that Lee Min Ho wanted to propose to Suzy Bae as soon as his military duties were done. With the entire excitement going on to the alleged wedding, Suzy's agency is against all of this. They treasured the Korean star and pushing the wedding could mean loss on some of her endorsements and acting opportunities.

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