Quantico Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: 'Stescalade'

Miranda's plan might be ruined by Shelby; and Ryan is having a hard time with the armed men.

According to Hidden Remote, at the farm, Alex and Ryan is going back to their recruits to relay news to their handlers. Dayana, who seems to fall apart on the previous episodes, showed a great interest in his work. However, Alex and Ryan still believe that she is still too weak to be recruited.

On the other hand, according to Entertainment Weekly, Alex described Leon to be someone who has few words but sees everything. As he stated:

 "He doesn't say much, but he sees everything,"

"He's always watching."

Leigh Davis, who is also a new recruit, seems to be elegant, as described by Alex. Although, Ryan thinks that she seems to be left out. Next is Sebastian who Alex and Ryan care less about.

Alex and Ryan knew that they have nowhere else to go. Shelby, on the other side, want to assure if Alex assumes that Lydia forms part of Owen's scheme, the AIC as Ryan and Alex named it.

The preview ended with Lydia having her workout, she saw a broadcast of a bombing which led him to call on "Lucas". Lydia pleaded to call her back once the voicemail has been received.

On the other hand, Nimah and Shelby have a bug that they can place in one of the rooms so that they could listen. The only problem is that they only have one bug and they need to decide as to which recruits need a greater effort in spying on.

The next morning, Owen introduced the next skill needed which is assessment. The recruits need to have a great awareness in the environment they are on. They practiced in the dorms and Gold Leaf Bar. Leon got sick which led Dayana to reveal that he loves to talk but not to Alex.

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