WikiLeaks' Attack: Ecuador Found As Culprit Behind Assange's Internet Sabotage

The radical transparency organization WikiLeaks, expressed through a Twitter post on Monday, that Ecuador was the state party behind Julian Assange´s internet outage, cutting the firm's founder's connection on Saturday 15. Apparently, the sabotage came hours after the organization released a new batch of emails from Hillary Clinton´s campaign chairman John Podesta.

Ecuador Promises To Keep Protecting Julian Assange

This might create a difficult situation for WikiLeaks´ leader, considering that he has been living inside the Ecuadorean embassy since 2012, which gave him asylum after a British court ordered his extradition to Sweden to face a police interrogation over an alleged sexual abuse case.

Although the embassy hasn't made any statement about the sabotage, the country´s foreign minister Guillaume Long has explained that Ecuador will still protect Julian Assange. According to the International Business Times, this was also confirmed by a source in the Ecuadorean government, who told the Associated Press that the WikiLeaks's founder's asylum will remain.

WikiLeaks War Against U.S. Elections Enters A New Phase

Assange´s intention of revealing every single document related to the U.S. presidential elections might be in serious danger with this event, considering that the obstacles before his efforts are growing. After the firm's Twitter announcement, many felt that the U.S. must be behind the incident, since WikiLeaks has published delicate documents about Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton.

The last releases showed her relations not only with Goldman Sachs and Wall Street, but also with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who gave $1 million to former president Bill Clinton for his birthday. This has been criticized by Republican nominee Donald Trump, since these two nations have been accused of funding the Islamic terrorist group ISIS.

Until such time that more information is released, it will remain unknown if Ecuador´s motivation to commit the sabotage was influenced by external factors such as the United States. The problem about the politics involvement in this issue is that there´s only one fact that seems certain so far: the internet sabotage benefits Clinton´s interest.

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