New York Is Feeling The Summer Vibe Today: Temperature Gets Hotter

New York is undergoing change in its temperature, as it promises fall during this season but seems like the heat gives a summer vibe to everyone.

According to NY1, the temperature in the state is expected to be around 80 degrees for Tuesday. This is 20 degrees above the usual temperature that the state is experiencing during this season of the year.

Sources had some people being interviewed regarding the weather:

"I'm really enjoying this weather very much, because we don't have to put on bulky coats and boots and things like that for now,"

As stated in New York Post, the temperature has never been felt during this season since 1928. Meteorologist believed that the old record would be broken if the temperature continues to fall like this.

The old record was 83 degrees during 1963 but some told that today could hit 85 degrees.

The meteorologist told that people should enjoy the climate as it would bring positivity to everyone. This was uncommon to be felt during this season and people could taste summer usually a little bit late.

New York, as cited by the source, has experienced a mild climate during Christmas eve when the temperature hit a record of 72 degrees.

It was expected that the temperature will soon be normal throughout this week with a sudden decline in temperature of about 20 degrees by Sunday. The expected temperature for Thursday will be 76 degrees, nine degrees lower than what the New Yorkers are experiencing right now.

With the summer weather that the state is experiencing, people should also be warned about the snowy winter coming due to La Niña; which progresses in the Pacific Ocean. Expect icy temperature during these times.

Whatever the climate may be; it pays to be ready ready amidst anything. Make sure you know exactly what to do when you experience the extremes of every climate.

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