Deadpool 2: The Merc With A Mouth Returns, Liam Neeson Tapped As Cable?

Marvel's most unpredictable hero is back. Deadpool, whose first movie reached a box office hit will follow up with the second installation that could be released by 2018.

Deadpool is not your ordinary hero. He doesn't even consider himself as a hero. He is funny as hell, a mercenary, and definitely insane. Wade Wilson is his real name and the process of being Deadpool started when he was looking for a cure.

Deadpool's first movie which was released earlier this year just destroyed it's competition. Week in and week out, the movie sales keeps increasing and reaching a new height of stardom. The movie single handedly smash the ticket sales and ousting its competition such as X-Men, Batman vs Superman, Avengers, Thor and Spiderman.

The success of Deadpool movie doesn't only rely on some cinematic effects or big explosions. Most of its success comes from a great storytelling and script. But more importantly, the portrayal of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. They are match made in heaven. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds.

The first movie already showed a lot of characters and finally we saw more exposure of Colossus. The Russian mutant who has the ability to transform his body to a metallic form. He is by far the strongest mutant in the movie as revealed by Marvel.

Deadpool 2 is almost on its production and Ryan Reynolds teased us already on the post-credit scene from the original film. As per reports, Deadpool 2 will revolve on Wade's expedition and in the event, he will encounter Cable.

Cable is an intriguing character or hero from the original comics as he is from the future. He is the oldest son of the one Scott Summers or commonly known as Cyclops. There are a lot of names who are already teased to play Cable in Deadpool 2 but the most prominent one is none other than Liam Neeson.

Now, there are no final words yet if Neeson will officially be cast as Cable but he has the it factor to do it. Besides, he's a bad man and a skilled shooter, just look at his film Taken.

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