5 Reasons Why Rockstar Won't Release Red Dead Redemption 2 For PC

Once again, October has been this year's epicenter for gaming news. The recently hyped Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally been confirmed by Rockstar but it appears that the hype is now followed by disappointment particularly for the PC fans after the much awaited iteration of the Red Dead series will, once again, be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 only - well, as far as the official statement goes.

A look at Rockstar's treatment to PC community in the past years

Way back in the early games of Rockstar particularly GTA: Vice City, you will notice how reluctant Rockstar is in creating a PC version of their game as it took some time for Vice City to be released on the PC platform - which was initially released for PlayStation 2 and then Xbox.

Now, after the much success of GTA V across all platforms, PC fans are now hoping that the upcoming iteration of the Red Dead series will also be available for the PC platform but after the much awaited confirmation, disappointed struck down the community.

For the second time, following its previous title, Red Dead Redemption, the iteration of the series was met with mixed criticism for the unusual choice of being a console-exclusive only. It would seem that Rockstar has fenced off its property for the PC community which left a lot of fans baffled over.

Problems With PC Version

It's clear that Rockstar is very much aware of how desperate PC gamers are to play for their titles just as much as the console players - probably even more. So what's holding them back? Well, to answer this question, let's take a look at their famous title that has a live PC support - GTA V.

GTA V Mods and Pirating

One of the common problems that GTA V have encountered and have yet to be resolved are the gaming mods which resulted in various issues within the game and have led to some account bans. To date, Rockstar has yet to fix all of these issues which may hint that the company is slow in adapting the necessary requirements to provide adequate support for the PC community. A ban for bringing a simple mod into the game just for fun is seemingly a joke in most gamers' opinion; although Rockstar are just tightening their security for any hacks and whatnot - it's still a fact that the studio is not adapting well to the needs of the PC community.

Another factor which may have led to Rockstar's decision of skipping the PC platform is the pirating issue. As you can remember in the past, the studio wasn't keen in cutting the game's price for a holiday sale. Instead, they made in-game bonuses and free credits whilst still maintaining the game's price which was extremely hilarious for most. If the studio is sensitive over little price cuts, how much more if they're being pirated entirely for free?

These two factors might be the definitive reasons why Rockstar hasn't yet decided to make a PC version of the much anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 despite all the hype that the game is getting in various social media platforms. Of course, Rockstar can always opt to create a PC version any time prior to its launching but until then, we can only guess.

What do you think of Rockstar's decision of initially releasing Red Dead Redemption 2 exclusively for the console platforms? Will they create a PC support in the future just like in GTA V? Or will they repeat their move on the previous Red Dead Redemption? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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