Pixar Short Animation Film ‘Borrowed Time’ Is Dark, Depressing, And For Adults Only

Pixar just revealed a new short animation film called “Borrowed Time” and it is drawing attention worldwide for being dark and depressing as people hailed it as a video kids should not watch.

Pixar has always been known for moving films that have left a mark on everyone’s heart with titles like “Toy Story”, “Finding Nemo”, and the recent addition, “Finding Dory”. Pixar is also known for making memorable short films such as “Lava” and “The Blue Umbrella”. But recently, the studio released a short movie that has marked a history.

A new Pixar short animation film is breaking the internet for being the studio’s first dark animated film. Titled, “Borrowed Time”, the short film is gloomy, tragic, and terribly heart-wrenching. The short film was a bit violent and even had a hint of suggesting suicide, which made viewers decide that the short film should not be watched by kids or should be viewed with parental guidance.

“Borrowed Time” is about a cowboy lamenting over his past that included his partner’s death, which he was partially responsible for. Decades have passed and he still hasn’t forgotten about it so he decided to visit the place where the accident took place to release him from the torture of the memories.

No one was prepared when they watched “Borrowed Time” since they were expecting the usual feel-good Pixar short animation films it always delivered. Directed by Lou Hamou-Lhadj and Andrew Coats, the two explained that they wanted to show people that an animation film is not a genre specifically made for children. They believed it was the right time to make something different and took a risk by making an animation film that was a bit adult. They revealed that the Pixar short animation film, “Borrowed Time” is about forgiveness, closure, owning up to mistakes, and finding the time to move on.

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