Apple iPhone 7 Sale Skyrockets Thanks To Galaxy Note 7 Recalls

Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are attracting a very strong consumer response in their first month of sales, as reported by online tech sites. This doesn't come much of a surprise, considering that many have been believing that the iPhones will be expected to benefit in terms of sales after rival Samsung Electronics have decided to fully ditch the faulty Galaxy Note 7 for good. "Such a heated response has been fully expected," a telecom industry stated. "Added to those who have been loyal to the iPhone series, the iPhone 7 has also drawn a lot of consumers from who were dissatisfied with the Note 7."

Apple has seen a rise in sales

Reports have been saying that the Apple has sold more than 20,000 iPhone 7s and iPhone 7 Pluses even in the first minute after its release. "We received twice as many presale applications for the iPhone 7 series, compared to those for the iPhone 6s series," SK Telecom claimed.

Apple Benefits from Samsung's collapse

Along with a number of added features, Apple also introduced waterproof and dustproof features, while also removing the hardware home button for the new iPhone for the very first time. Along with that, they also removed the earphone jack and instead released their own version of wireless earphones, drawing mixed responses from consumers. Overall every feature that the iPhone 7 received ultimately revolutionized the device and made it unique among its predecessors.

iPhone variants Prices

An iPhone 7 of a 32GB variant is priced at $649, while the 128GB and 256GB variants are sold at $749 and $849, respectively. The larger iPhone 7 Plus was priced at $769 for 32GB and $969 for the 256GB variant, Although the prices of the iPhones may seem a bit high compared to other smartphone prices, people are preferring it more than ever since Samsung's untimely demise with their Note 7 Line, which have seen a rapid decrease in sales, ultimately favoring Apple, and all other smartphone brands.

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