Top Horror Books That You Would Like To Read During Halloween

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You may want to read the books to boost the creep inside you. Photo : Photo by 6xordorigma2011/Youtube

Reading books have always been a favorite pasttime of people from around the world. It is a source of knowledge for bookworms. But, with the Halloween season fast approaching, what should be the books to read and form part of our checklist?

Save now and find a book suiting this season. Here are the following books you should read this season to literally and figuratively 'kill' time:

1. Broken Monsters

Released by South African novelist Lauren Beukes, Broken Monsters should be on top of your checklist. Lauren already made a name in the field of horror books not just in her country but even around the globe. She also wrote the 2011 hit The Shining Girls. Broken Monsters' showed a Detroit environment with a serial killer being part of the characters. The book is highly recommended to people who would want to write at a young age.

2. IT

Written by Stephen King, the king of horror and thriller books. According to Flavor Wire, if bookworms would like to keep a one book per author as their collection, IT is highly commendable. The book, as described, would scare the best of you. The murdering clown is also a must-see in this book.

 3. Caroline

Neil Gaiman wrote the book during 2002. Paste Magazine stated that Coraline was a deceptive piece of art. The book transcends through time due to the content's brilliance. The book covers a youth with his hyper-domestic parents. It was told that Coraline was the reincarnation of Alice, who went to the wonderland. She met a queen, named as Other Mother, who went with her in a mystical world, a dream Caroline has been wishing to go through. However, for her to continue the quest in her dream world, she needs to sew a button on her young eyes. It is superficial with a great dose of reality that Gaiman attached in the book.

4. Piercing

Written by the great author, Ryu Murakami. The book would give a traumatic effect to all its readers. As they may say, after reading the book, you don't want to be close to anyone again.

The lead character of the book driven to do the right thing by getting a prostitute and taking all his issues out to the captured girl. It is horrific and one-of-a-kind, so you better get and start reading the book.

 5. The Exorcist

Released during 1971 by William Peter Blatty. The book was converted into the big screen, making it the most sought after horror film ever. The author bagged different awards for being a premiere writer through time. The story kept time and space intact to establish every character in the story. The book would boost your imagination making it scarier and more frightening than the movie.

6. Ghost Story

Written by Peter Straub, one of the finest literary author in the field of horror and thriller books. Ghost Story is the peak of Straub's career. The story revolves around group of men who chose to tell each other's experience in ghost.

Make your Halloween more exciting with these must-reads!

Here's the movie adaptation of The Exorcist:

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