FIFA 17 Update 1.0.2 Made The AI Attack More Fiercely

FIFA 17 has just released its 1.0.2 update changing some features in the gameplay. But if there's one noticeable thing for the new update, is that its AI is fiercer than ever when attacking.

In the latest released FIFA 17 patch update, the AI was so good at defense that players find it very difficult to contend with. In fact, letting the game's AI do the defense for you will be a big advantage. Moreover, FIFA 17 also announced that the latest patch update makes the AI to directly attack.

Before the patch update, playing with the AI seemed pretty boring since all it did was pass the ball around defense and midfield. However, with the new FIFA 17 update, the AI will be fiercer making the game more exciting.

However, these are not the only changes the patch has brought to FIFA 17. There are also general improvements in the responsiveness of the shooting as well as the positioning of the goalkeeper for corner kicks. One of the things that have not been mentioned, though in the latest FIFA 17 update 1.0.2 is the frequency of injuries which has had some issues in the Career and Ultimate Team modes.

Other fixes the update 1.0.2 have brought include the CPU AI leaving the star player at the bench in Career mode while in the Pro Club, the problem regarding the customized facial features of the player has been solved. More in the Pro Club mode, FIFA 17 has also increased the experience requirements for the overall higher ratings.

In the Ultimate Team mode, the FUT Single Player difficulty does not default the CPU settings anymore. It also fixed the crossing and shooting texts which appear in custom tactics as well as the issue which involved the player who forcibly substitutes an injured player during FUT online matches.

The FIFA 17 patch update also brought along some visual changes to the games including new team kits, banners, and flags for Tigre and Sarsfield. Other issues the patch 1.0.2 have addressed includes the fog from a player's breath which seemed detached when viewed from their position; the problem where the selected team kits aren't used during the in-game; and the frame rate issue which occurs during a pre-match skill game.

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