Sony Chairman Says The PlayStation VR Will Market Itself Via Word Of Mouth

After about a week since the Oct.13 release of the PlayStation VR, it has had its ups and downs. Of course, it is expected that not everyone is going to be bedazzled with it, having even reported that PSVR has several issues especially with its camera. Anyway, not every new console release is going to be perfect. But we have to admit, after around two years of waiting, the PlayStation VR is finally out and we are finally able to experience how it is to game in a virtual reality platform.

The PlayStation VR may have revolutionized gaming but Sony is actually hoping that this new gaming platform will grow over the years and the tech giant company believes that there is an effective way to achieve that goal. And we're not even talking about the press and media here.

Best Way To Market PlayStation VR, According to Sony Boss

How do you usually learn about upcoming games? And how do you know if a certain game is good or not? You may have not realized this but word of mouth is actually a very powerful media in marketing. Take an indie game which became a hit for example. Sony boss, Jim Ryan, hopes that this will also work for PSVR.

Ryan told iNews, "the typical 25 year-old connoisseur or core gamer will buy it, and then there will be people like their mum who may try it because they're intrigued by their reaction - that's how it will gradually snowball. That process of gamer-led evangelism is something that, when it happens, is extremely powerful."

Sony Marketed The PlayStation VR The Way It Should Be

We all have noticed how Sony marketed the PlayStation VR - from promotional tours, to having them displayed at stores (like Best Buy), the PlayStation company is indeed serious in showing potential customers and gamers what the PSVR is all about. In fact, virtual reality is something else. One has to experience it before believing that it's actually worth it.

Have you experienced what it's like to play games with the recently released PlayStation VR yet? Would you recommend it to your friends? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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