Pokemon GO Plus Gets Better With Latest Update

A new update for Pokemon GO Plus was released to help gamers customize their notifications according to their needs. By default, the Pokemon GO device allows gamers to scan Pokemon and PokeStops at the same time. With the new update, Pokemon hunters can choose if they want to disable one or the other to focus on their Pokemon collection or simply find out where they can get other Pokemon.

More Options For Customization

Aside from customizing the notifications, the new update released by Niantic also allow gamers to disable the notifications but not the device. This will simply stop the Pokemon GO Plus from sending out any notifications. But still, it will record the distance of a gamer's walk for checking at a later time.

The latest update will provide players with more options of how they want to use their device, which can be worn as a shirt pin or as a wristband. The new update now sets the Pokemon GO Plus to notify players if there is a Pokemon to catch or there are Pokeballs to collect from PokeStops. Favoring one will automatically make the Plus ignore the other. The new update also makes it possible to switch off notification for the buddy system so players can catch Pokemon or engage in gym battles without actually losing their connection to their Pokemon GO Plus device.

Issues To Be Ironed Out

The new update is great, but it still has issues that need ironing out. Poke hunters wonder if it would be possible for the Pokemon GO Plus to ignore certain Pokemon like Pidgey or Rattata, which is not really high on their collection list. Besides, not all players are using the Pokemon GO Plus, which is Niantic's attempt to make Pokemon hunting more convenient for players.

However, Poke hunters are more interested to see game features that were once promised before the release of Pokemon GO. Still, the promised features are yet to be seen from Niantic. For those who own the Pokemon GO Plus though, having the update is a great addition to the Plus's capability.

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